Opowiedzieli ciekawe historie po angielsku

    Opowiedzieli ciekawe historie po angielsku

    Kacper Chudzik

    Gazeta Wrocławska

    Gazeta Wrocławska

    Opowiedzieli ciekawe historie po angielsku
    To już siódma edycja konkursu na krótkie opowiadania w języku angielskim.
    Opowiedzieli ciekawe historie po angielsku
    W Zespole Szkół Politechnicznych tradycyjnie już zorganizowany został konkurs na krótkie opowiadanie w języku angielskim "In a nutshell". Jak co roku nasza gazeta towarzyszyła laureatom konkursu podczas jego rozstrzygnięcia.

    Jury nie miało łatwego wyboru. Na tegoroczną, siódmą już edycję, wpłynęło blisko 30 prac o bardzo wyrównanym poziomie.

    - Wybór najlepszej pracy nie był łatwy, ale ostatecznie zgodziliśmy się, że laur zwycięstwa należy się Radosławowi Liwerskiemu - mówi Magdalena Tojza, nauczycielka języka angielskiego w ZSP.

    Zwycięzca konkursu to tegoroczny absolwent ZSP. Jak przyznaje, angielski zawsze szedł mu dobrze, dlatego napisanie opowiadania nie stanowiło problemu.

    - Moja opowieść mówi o mężczyźnie, którzy siedząc w barze poznał smutnego człowieka. Próbował wypytać go, dlaczego jest taki przygnębiony. Dowiedział się, że jego nowy towarzysz ma dobrą pracę i piękną żonę, ale wciąż nie wiedział dlaczego jest smutny. Nagle ten tajemniczy człowiek odszedł od stołu i wyszedł z baru bez słowa - opowiada Radosław. - Następnego dnia bohater opowiadania przeczytał w gazecie o morderstwie dokonanym w jego mieście. Zginęła kobieta, jak się okazało żona poznanego wcześniej w barze mężczyzny, a sprawcą był on sam.

    Drugie miejsce w konkursie zajęła Marta Głowacka, uczennica drugiej klasy I Liceum Ogólnokształcącego w Głogowie. Ona napisała opowiadanie o tym, jak młoda kobieta otrzymała tajemniczą paczkę, w której znajdowała się pięknie wykonana lalka z porcelany. Lalka trafiła na jej półkę, ale każdego dnia, po przebudzeniu bohaterka opowieści widziała, że lalka pojawia się coraz bliżej. Na kolejnej półce... Na stole... Wreszcie okazało się, że lalka opanowała jej duszę i bohaterka sama stała się lalką. Aby się uwolnić, musiała znaleźć kolejną ofiarę.


    I miejsce - Radosław Liwerski

    Few days ago I went to the club to relax a bit and to rethink the matters. I was sitting near the bar and after some time next to me sat some guy. He looked normally, he was wearing a shirt and some jeans. But his face was sad and upset.
    After some time of silence I asked the man why he is so concerned. At first he seemed like he didn’t heard me, but then he started to talk. He said his name was John and he was a lawyer. He had a wife and he loved her so much. He was talking how his marriage was fantastic and how he wanted to take his wife on the honeymoon. He dreamed about Hawaii, about sandy beaches, hot sea, delicious food and beautiful sunsets. Then he started talking about how much he wanted to have a kid. He said that if he had a daughter, he would name her Letty, and if he had a son, he would name him Tony. His life seemed to be perfect so I asked him if he had some problems at work. He told that his job was ok, he really liked it and said, that he earned a lot of money. He told me, that he had a luxurious car and a big villa with a swimming pool. Suddenly, he stood up, turned around and left the club. I was thinking why he had left so quickly not even saying goodbye. Even when I came home I was pondering about him.
    The next day I was reading the article in the newspaper about a man, who killed his wife and ran away. I was thinking who might be able to do something like that. Then I saw a photo of a wanted man. I was shocked. It was a man who was sitting next to me in the club the day before. I didn’t know what to think, what would I do, if I knew what he had done. However, I was glad I hadn’t know that the night before.

    II miejsce - Marta Głowacka

    This was a small, rectangular parcel and Jane received it yesterday. There was neither address nor name written on it. She thought it was a misunderstanding because she wasn’t expecting any parcels at all. “Maybe I should give it back to the post office?”, she thought, but in fact she couldn’t help her curiosity. The new thing was tempting her the whole day until she decided to open it. “There can be a new book here or even a lot of money.”, she gave free rein to her imagination. Imagine her disappointment, when she discovered there is only carefully made doll which looked as if she was from the previous century. Despite being a grown-up, she felt irresistible craving for taking her and place on the top shelf.
    Days were going by and Jane totally forgot about the doll, but she was nearly sure a doll was blinking from time to time. One day, after getting up, she discovered that a doll changed her place. “I might have taken her when I was dusting”. She was petrified when she found a doll on a table the next day. She hadn’t had any guests, so it was even more ominous.
    While falling asleep, she heard a sweet, tiny voice encouraging her to play. She didn’t know when she turned up beside a doll. Doll’s eyes were shining in the dark and she was singing a strange song with a mechanic melody. Hypnotized Jane touched a hem of her dress and suddenly she was falling down into nothingness. The whole world began to shrink. Some seconds later… she looked through the eyes of the doll! “Thank you for rescuing my soul”, Jane heard a voice from above. Now she knew she had to look for the next victim with whom she could change places.

    III miejsce - Anna Marciniszyn

    ...I had no idea who it was from. I picked it up carefully and tried to find any information on it but I didn't. At first I was a little scared but finally – I opened it. On the bottom of the box I saw a small paper which said „Long Street 45 8p.m.”. I was shocked but at the same time too curious to ignore it. It was probably a dangerous idea, but it was just about 7p.m., so I decided to visit that address. No more than fifteen minutes later was I sitting in my car on the Long Street staring at the number 45 between two buildings. Suddenly, I saw someone getting closer to me from across the street. I carefully opened the window and at the very moment an envelope fell on my knees. I raised my sight but there was noone left on the street. The mysterious envelope turned out to be a ticket for a plane which was about to take off. An hour later I was sitting on a plane flying to a place whose name I didn't even know – I've never heard of it. All of the sudden the man sitting next to me started talking
    -„I know you have been working too hard lately. You have even forgotten what it's like to have some rest”
    After a few minutes it turned out that every person on that plane got the same parcel as mine that day. The secret organisation which did it had a purpose of giving a vacation to workaholics who they've been researching on once every year.
    I was super shocked but I realised that I didn't even remember my last holiday trip. When we arrived at the tropical island our families were already waiting for us – they knew about it all from the beginning – what's more, they’ve called the organization!

    Wyróżnienie - Katarzyna Konarska

    This was a small, rectangular parcel and I saw it on the doorsteps while I was leaving my house. I was very surprised seeing it and I was wondering what it could be. I picked it up very cautiously and took it to my kitchen. I had to leave it there because I was in a hurry. While being at school I couldn’t stop thinking about that parcel and I couldn’t concentrate for the whole day. After school I ran quickly to my house, I couldn’t wait to open the parcel. What was my surprise when I got home and I found my front door open. I rushed inside and I discovered that somebody had broken into my house. It was a mess and the only thing missing was the parcel. When I was calling the police somebody walked in. I turned around and suddenly everything became black. I woke up in a dark and cold room. I was petrified. Out of a sudden the door opened and a tall man came inside. “What happened to it?” he yelled angrily. “To what?” I replied. “To the crown jewels” he said. “To what???” I said in shock. “To the crown jewels which were in the parcel!” he answered. “Are you kidding me? I don’t know anything about the crown jewels” I told him back. “If you don’t want to spill it out, I’ll make you” he said walking towards me with a knife in his hand. Suddenly we heard a loud bang and the door fell down into pieces. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the real James Bond!! He threw himself at the bad guy and ... I woke up on the couch watching the new James Bond film and wondering how my dream ended.

    Wyróżnienie - Norbert Piotrkowicz

    I drove as fast as I could within reason, but reason had nothing to do with how I felt. I wanted to floor that accelerator, to hear the engine shriek, to feel the surge that carried me faster to where I...
    had to deliver mysterious sending that was given to me by the president. It was so secret that nobody, just only I and Mr. president knew about it. My goal was Moscow. There was no time to lose so I rushed on the roads as fast as I could. Unfortunately, just before Moscow police wanted to stop me, I could not let this happen, because my load was too important to fall into wrong hands. So I tried not to stop and then police started to pursuit me. I almost escaped, unfortunately I did not anticipate one thing, roads in Russia are very bad, and instantly I drove form motorway into dirt-track full of mud and abandoned cars. I couldn't stop, my car bounced off from lorry and started to turn on roof.
    I woke up in unknown place which turned out to be hospital. I was lucky that I was still alive, but there was not time to rest, I must remember that I had a very important mission to accomplish. I got up from bed and ran out into the corridor, looked to the left and saw just a few nurses, but when I looked to the right I saw something that I had only seen on films before, there were 3 big, black dressed men, I knew why they were there and knew that I needed to escape as quickly as possible. I went to the left, passing between people, finally I found elevator, pushed the button, but... nothing happened, it had to be broken. But now I had greater problems, those men I had seen before must have noticed that I had disappeared and now they found me. I had nowhere to run, I looked through the window, it was about 8 meters but there was a container with bedding, so without thinking I just jumped. It was not a successful jump, I broke my leg and in a moment black van arrived with other agents inside. I thought I would die there... then my mom started to wake me up telling that it was Monday and if I hadn’t not got up I would have been late for school.

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